Champions for Change Campaign

There are many obstacles low income moms face when trying to serve healthier meals to their families, including the lack of availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in low income urban areas and the competition from fast food companies when it comes to  convenience and price. We heard from countless moms on how hard it is to make those dietary changes. Most moms are working one or two jobs and don't have the time or the means to travel to areas that have healthier food choices. 

"What's Harder" is the idea behind four 30 second spots. We introduced "Champion Moms" to convince other moms that it is possible to make changes and serve healthier foods to their families. The outcome of not serving healthier foods would be much harder to realize if they saw their kids being teased for being obese or finding out one of their kids has high blood pressure or diabetes. Each spot has also introduced the idea of exercise and being active as part of an overall message of health.



Hispanic Spots

We created two Hispanic spots based on the same premise as the English speaking commercials to round out the statewide effort. As the Hispanic population is a very large and important segment, with our Hispanic partners, we took great care in understanding the values and traditions when writing these spots.