Fizz in action:

While Fizz is relatively new, the experience, the methodologies, the inspired thinking, and the creative work of our team has been honed in agencies big and small for over 20+ years. Take a look at what all that experience is focused on today. If you would like to see a detailed list of our team's client experience please check out the "more about" section of our "people and partners" page.


Tulare County/National Diabetes
Prevention Program/CDC


Fresno County Lifetime of Wellness/National Diabetes Prevention Program/CDC

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Mendocino County Lodging Association


Ventanilla de Salud

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Nevada City Chamber of Commerce


California Travel & Tourism


Visit Mendocino


Dallas FT Worth - five

University of California
San Diego

Prediabetes community engagement campaign / Tulare and Fresno county

PHS is currently working with California county and state health departments on a multimedia campaign to create awareness and promote the testing and treatment for prediabetes. This statewide effort is in response to a recent Policy Brief from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research estimating that 44% of adults in the county have prediabetes, and that the combined rate of prediabetes and diabetes is 58%.  With the CDC estimating that 9 out of 10 people with prediabetes don’t know they have it, PHS views prediabetes as the most alarmingly unspoken, unrecognized health problem in California. View site.  SEE EXAMPLES


NEVADA CITY CLASSIC bicycle race /Nevada City Chamber of Commerce

The world's most amazing cyclists -- including the likes of Greg LeMond and pre-doping Lance Armstrong -- might be as proud of having raced in the Tour de France as in Nevada City, home for over 50 years of the Nevada City Classic Bicycle Race. The Classic is often described as America's hardest 1.1 miles of race course. Working in partnership with race sponsor ol' Republic Brewery, PHS developed event branding for the Classic's 55th year celebration. Posters, digital and print ads, and ceremonial awards created a theme that makes Nevada City synonymous with four "must have" traits to win its namesake bicycle race: audacity, ferocity, tenacity and velocity. SEE OTHER EXAMPLES



Prior to setting up shop as PHS, strategist/researcher Lex Matteini and campaign director Peter Norris co-developed the long-running Champions for Change campaign, a centerpiece of the successful California Department of Public Health effort to stop the rise in childhood obesity.  This social marketing challenge forged a strong strategic-creative bond and belief in the symbiotic relationship between ideas (innovation) and numbers (evaluation).  Champions for Change is proof that innovation and evaluation can produce dramatic social ROI, in the form of positive trends toward reduced chronic disease rates, suffering, and health care costs. SEE EXAMPLES



Our experience with Healthy Shasta shows how data and innovation work together at a county level.  Through a custom analysis of rural markets, we saw that tobacco companies were quietly exploiting the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and developing a new generation of cigarette alternatives for young consumers.  In response, we developed a hard-edged counter-marketing campaign to engage Shasta County youth and sabotage the tobacco industry's test markets and new product trials. SEE EXAMPLES


UCSD Obesity Prevention Program

PHS has been retained by The Regents of the University of California, San Diego, to help launch a new, local health department model for implementing California’s USDA-funded SNAP-Ed program, which aims to lower obesity rates through nutrition education and improved access to healthy foods.   PHS will focus on strategic planning, training and support services to assist and enable local health departments with program implementation.  PHS brings an informed, passionate drive to nutrition education, with experience on the state’s childhood obesity prevention campaign dating back to its inception in 2004.  


California Travel & Tourism

For VisitCalifornia (the California Travel and Tourism Commission), PHS produced an analysis and recommendations identifying opportunities for the travel industry to further promote the economic benefits of tourism – which generates over $100 billion annually in California and directly supports over 1 million jobs.  Separately, PHS simplified a gigantic volume of travel data, merging multiple databases to illustrate a decade of dramatic growth in international visits to California.


PHS developed online and mass media launch plans for, reaching 3.5 million drivers and 300,000 mass transit users in in North Central Texas -- the 5th most congested market in the U.S. in terms of fuel wasted and time lost by commuters.  The plan features geo-targeted (by zip code) online banner ads, dynamically triggered in real-time by morning commute traffic conditions, and a positioning of 511 as a brand for people and companies that think ahead about life, work, health and education in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.   


Nevada City has earned local and national recognition as a premiere recreational destination and place to live, including a top 10 “Best Towns” ranking in Outside’s 35th Anniversary issue.  PHS promotes the economic vitality and unique charm of Nevada City with an insightful, research-based marketing plan, branding guidelines, and highly targeted online marketing and media outreach.    


With the objective of increasing travel to Mendocino County and its substantial impacts on the local economy, leading destination marketing organizations in the County recently collaborated on updating their market research and strengthening their governance.  PHS was asked to moderate and energize the process by which these organizations could clarify their needs, and source, evaluate and contract with the best travel industry resources to meet them.  These resources are in now place, on schedule, and producing excellent preliminary results.