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Research & Planning / Campaign & Content Development / Media

Fizz conducts research, recommends strategy, develops and produces creative, plans and places media, evaluates results, and provides ongoing or project-based client service.

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Research & Planning

R&P at Fizz is senior level, and comprehensive.

Research & Planning

R&P at Fizz is senior level, and comprehensive.

How Fizz research measures up. 

We offer extensive experience designing and implementing formative research to identify marketing opportunities and create effective campaigns, and summative research to prove their effectiveness. Our research and planning differences are:

•  experience with the nuances of researching multicultural and sensitive issues

•  data collection and analysis at multiple levels – individual, community, societal

•  high standards of data relevance, reliability and validity

•  insightful analysis of web site and social media metrics, and other marketing performance

Our capabilities are full-service, spanning the range from strategy research and creative testing, to real-time campaign performance and full pre/post evaluations.

Focus Groups

Smaller groups of 4-6 done the right way—in the tradition of Account Planner as Moderator -- producing findings and recommendations for national campaign spokesperson selection; cable sports network branding; web-based applications launch strategy; USDA nutrition education; and 511 services launch in the San Francisco Bay Area. Moderator training at the Qualitative Research Center in San Francisco, with experience conducting over 100 focus group sessions and in-depth interviews.

LEFT: Insightful moderating revealed the implicit and untapped appeals of Verizon's Test Man—helping to create one of advertising's most enduring spokespersons.

In-Depth Interviews

Personal interviews for depth and confidentiality, conducted in homes, at work sites, and in community settings. Extensive experience interviewing hard-to-access individuals, such as interviewees at Wall Street investment houses, food stamp offices, and worksites for software and application architects. 

LEFT: The right time and place for in-depth interviews, such as a quiet weekday morning at a CalFresh benefits office, can tap feelings and reactions that may be suppressed in a formal focus group setting. 

online surveys and Data Analysis

Fizz specializes in the utilization of probability-based online panels to conduct high quality attitudes and awareness surveys. Founder Lex Matteini has co-authored message-testing studies with the Research and Evaluation Section of the California Department of Public Health, including a presentation at the 141st American Public Health Association Annual Convention, and is MIT certified in Big Data and Social Analytics.    

LEFT: Recent collaborations with research innovators, such as Field Research and NORC, have produced analyses that help advance the social sciences and the public interest.

Positioning Development

Organizations attempting to answer "What's our positioning?" achieve clarity and consensus with the PHS Positioning Grid method. The Grid method provides a taxonomy of four fundamental positioning directions, and uses examples, surveys, selection criteria, and moderated discussions to engage all levels of participation -- from intern to CEO. 

LEFT: The Positioning Grid, a proprietary strategic planning tool developed by Lex Matteini in the mid-1990s, has been featured in business school programs at UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Drexel University.

Marketing Plan Development

Formal plans with situation analyses, time-bound objectives, strategies, and detailed tactics (all the things CMOs would do if they had the time). Recent plans developed for the launch of 511 travel information in Dallas-Forth Worth, and to double leisure travel from select markets to Nevada City, California.

LEFT: The PHS Marketing Plan to launch advanced traveler information services in Dallas-Fort Worth aims to save 981,000 gallons of fuel and 9,400 tons of mobile emissions every year.

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Campaign & Content Development

Sparkling remedies.

Campaign & Content Development

Sparkling remedies.

design and distribution of idea.

Individual, community, and societal change usually emerge from a new and untraditional idea … one that people have never seen or heard before, but that is instantly clear and relevant. The hallmark of a good idea is that, when shared, it takes on a life of its own. It can flourish regardless of budget, channel or execution. No communication stands alone in the company of an idea -- which is why we always start with ideas, and why we offer a full slate of capabilities to discover, design, and distribute them.

What makes our ideas different? We think the answer is an inspired mix of behavioral science, multicultural audience insights, and a healthy dose of right-brain creativity.

Advocacy and media outreach

Through research, analysis, reports, and media outreach, we support advocacy groups and policies that promote community health and economic development. Our most recent project is the discovery (through an investigative analysis of our own design) of several million dollars that a recession-stricken small town had lost in bed tax revenues. This discovery made waves. You heard it discussed on the radio. It was front page news, and fodder for editorials online and off. Ultimately, it helped defeat Measure Y – a measure designed to stifle local revenues from home-sharing and short-term rental websites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway.


Brand positioning workshops and brand development

Just as there are four major mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and compass points (east, west, north, south), Fizz believes there are four basic types of brand positioning. We have named them High Efficacy, Low Cost, User Mindset, and Provider Mindset. With an intuitive half-day workshop, we review these four positioning areas and engage clients in the consequential art of positioning development and consensus. Once a positioning is articulated, we can then advise how to strengthen the client’s brand architecture and platform. These elements crystallize the brand promise with coherence and consistency, and stand-out visual and verbal design.

Integrated campaign development

While marketing ideas can enhance one-off communications, their far greater value is as an ongoing point of conceptual integrity across multiple audience segments and tactics over time. With an emphasis on campaigns that have strong digital or multicultural components, we develop integrated communications that channel all messages and media along the same conceptual, strategic, and outcomes-driven track. Fizz’s process for campaign integration derives in part from our prior, shared experience working on the California Department of Public Health Champions for Change campaign, aligning traditional and emerging paid media with earned media, events, web design, collateral, videos, and social media.


Interactive content marketing

Watch it, hear it, play with it, reference it, present it, click it, swipe it, share it. From Slidebooks to interactive videos and online diagnostic tests, Fizz designs and distributes rewarding interactive content that educates, entertains, and engages. At, mobile-friendly interactive content  tells you in under a minute whether you are at risk for prediabetes, with tailored content offering "what to do next" advice depending on your individual risk score.

Social media

In a constant cycle of planning, implementation and measurement, we produce strategy, calendars, research, content, and monthly performance reports for standalone or integrated social media campaigns. Each weekday morning, for example, we update Isabella's 60-Second Travel Blog, a Fizz-created brand of Sierra travel discoveries penned by Isabella – a foothills native and an aspiring author. We curate content for the blog according to targeted themes, and share it via regional social media to promote tourism and rural, main street economic impacts.


Video and television

For organizations of any size, video is an exceptionally engaging (and surprisingly cost-effective) way to tell your story. Fizz has deep experience writing, storyboarding, directing, producing and placing video and television in various forms – including ethnographic video profiles of low-income women trying to change their family’s diet, small-budget interactive videos calling out tobacco industry efforts to addict teenagers, and even Super Bowl TV spots about innovations in digital high speed data. 

Multicultural Voice & copy 

Compelling copywriting speaks directly to your audience in a trusted, branded voice and with idea-driven consistency across your marketing mix. Fizz offers writing services for broadcast television and radio, collateral, events, naming, online advertising, out-of-home, social media, video, and web, in English and Spanish. We write in multiple contexts – brand, product or service, language, and culture – and specialize in adapting English campaigns to Latino audiences and vice-versa. 


Website, microsite & landing page development

For campaigns that seek to modify individual behaviors or change communities at the policy, systems, and environmental level, the centerpiece is often the information and interaction accessed via a web site, microsite or landing page. Our approach to web design incorporates learning from computer-tailored health communications and mobile health (mHealth) research by the National Institutes of Health. However, the “science” of our approach is transparent to users, so that their experience is intuitive and effortless. For a tablet and mobile-friendly example of our approach as applied to diabetes prevention, visit or




MEDIA planning & buying

MEDIA planning & buying


The TTM and Four Stages of Social Movements help give our plans and ideas extra oomph to leverage media budgets and create change. They help with every facet of media planning ... from setting objectives to planning budgets and cost targets, defining target audiences, selecting media mixes, establishing media performance metrics, scheduling, and -- when needed -- working with media buying partners to negotiate, implement and monitor the plan. 

The Transtheoretical (TTM) Model

Transtheoretical graph.png

Developed by psychologists James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente in the 1980s, and in popular use by campaign planners to this day, TTM proposes that when people intentionally change behavior, their thinking about the behavior goes through a predictable sequence of up to six stages. To move people forward across these transition points, TTM proposes that specific message strategies work best at specific stages. While TTM strategies have a great deal to do with what to say in a behavior change campaign, they don't touch upon when and where to place media messages for maximum impact at any given stage. Fizz has invested a great deal of thinking in common sense ways to apply TTM to media planning, and especially to the selection, prioritization, and integration of the many traditional, digital and multicultural media alternatives that are available today. 

The Four Stages of Social Movements


Inspired by Italian political scientists Donatella della Porta and Mario Diani and their groundbreaking research on collective action in contemporary society, Fizz has developed a set of media strategies to help community organizations engage in social movements as they are launched, expanded or maintained. These strategies are especially tailored to the coalition-forming and organizational stages of community action, when resources are available and needed to communicate across rapidly expanding constituencies.

The TTM and Four Stages of Social Movements help give our plans and ideas extra oomph to leverage media budgets and create change. They help with every facet of media planning ... from setting objectives to planning budgets and cost targets, defining target audiences, selecting media mixes, establishing media performance metrics, scheduling, and -- when needed -- working with media buying partners to negotiate, implement and monitor the plan.